Antique Stained Glass Lamps | Auction, Appraisal, Sell

Antique Stained Glass Lamps | Auction & Appraisal

Antique stained glass lamps are known for their historical significance, beauty, craftsmanship and designs. If you're interested in selling, consigning or getting an appraisal on your lamp, contact Fontaine's Auction today. Below is a partial list and a few examples of antique stained glass lamps sold by Fontaine's Auction.

Founded over six decades ago, Fontaine’s Auction is one of the oldest antique and fine art auction houses in America. All appraisals conducted by our staff comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

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Antique Stained Glass Lamps Auction Results

Antique Stained Glass Lamp Makers


  • Tiffany Studios
  • Duffner & Kimberly
  • Unique Art Glass & Metal Co.
  • Handel Company
  • Wilkinson
  • Suess Ornamental Glass Co.
  • Bigelow, Kennard & Co.
  • J.A. Whaley


Why Sell Your Antique Stained Glass Lamp at Auction?


Rather than offering your antique stained glass lamp for sale to only one individual, the auction process ensures that your lamp will reach the largest market of potential buyers. Accordingly, mostly all record prices set for antique stained glass lamps have been at auction. Our commission is a low, flat fee and we provide complimentary auction estimates, pick-up and shipping nationwide. Fontaine's Auction has a mailing list of over 30,000 customers, our own online bidding platform, and we utilize the top online auction platforms such as Live Auctioneers, Invaluable and Auction Zip.


Consign to Auction or Sell


If you're interested in consigning or selling your antique lamp, Fontaine's Auction can offer you expert services that will help you attain the highest value for your item. Please complete the form below or contact us at (413) 448-8922 | [email protected].

Our individualized and personal approach is tailored to meet the needs of each client we work with. We’ve served tens of thousands of buyers and sellers throughout the world with many of them being repeat customers. Over the years, we have been entrusted by numerous private collectors, estates and institutions with the sale of their quality works, achieving exceptional sell-through rates and setting record prices.

We also consistently outpace market competitors and often command sales results close to or above our high estimates. Accordingly, quality antique stained glass lamps are continually in demand worldwide, and our ability to reach customers all over the world ensures that you realize the highest price for your item(s).


Antique Stained Glass Lamps Appraisal


If you would like an appraisal on your antique stained glass lamp, our team ensures that you receive the utmost professional and confidential service. We have appraised and sold thousands of antique table lamps, floor lamps, windows, chandeliers and lighting.

All appraisals conducted by our staff comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), assuring you of a proficient and ethical appraisal process. You can rely on us to offer reasonable and meticulous assessments as we confirm the authenticity and value of your lamp.

Our professional appraisals can be used for the purpose of museum collections, insurance needs, trust valuation, charitable donations and more.

Please complete the form below or contact us: [email protected] | (413) 448-8922

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