Do you have collectibles or inherited items that you believe are antiques? If you’re interested in selling but don’t have the knowledge or experience needed to make successful sales, antique consignment is an ideal option. At Fontaine’s Auction Gallery, we offer expert consignment services and uphold a reputation for a high level of integrity and professionalism.

Our specialists have an extensive knowledge of current market conditions as well as experience working with thousands of buyers and sellers around the world. We will work closely with you to provide the highest quality of service throughout the consignment process.

What Are My Antiques Worth?


What is an antique? The baseline criteria for what can be considered an antique is the age of the item. Usually, the marker is at least 100 years old, but there are many factors that affect the value of a specific antique, including age, condition and other details. For an idea of your antique’s potential value, you can conduct research to see what similar items have sold for.

To way to receive a specific and accurate value, please fill out our auction estimate form or bring in your items to our location. At Fontaine’s, we have the expertise to determine the precise value of your antique during a complimentary evaluation. Every consignment is unique, and that’s why we create a personal relationship with each of our consignors so your items can realize maximum value.

How Do I Sell My Antiques?


You have many options for selling antiques. You can use an online sales platform to reach more people, but you’ll have to be willing to ship the item and handle the logistics on your own. You could try to sell to your local community by holding a yard sale, but your pool of potential buyers will be limited.

For a sales option with international reach and minimal effort on your part, selling your antiques on consignment is an ideal solution. At Fontaine’s, we help ensure your items reach their maximum sales potential through online auctions where buyers can bid from anywhere in the world.

What Is Consignment?


Consignment is when you authorize a business to sell your items. This business is known as the consignee, and they receive a commission percentage of the sale price on the item they place for sale on your behalf.

Consignment is an excellent option for many situations, such as when:

  • You don’t have a physical store from which to make sales
  • You want to save time and money on the sales process
  • You’ve never sold antiques before and want to leave the task to more experienced hands
  • You want to try selling something without excessive financial risk

Whatever your situation, consignment is an ideal way to sell your antiques for their maximum value.

How Does Consignment Work?


You may contact us by sending photos of the items or by visiting our gallery. Any photos you send should be in color and as clear as possible. If there is any type of signature or maker’s mark, be sure to take close-up photos.

You’ll also want to provide any information you have about when and where the antique was acquired and include sizing specifications. Antique buyers are looking for specific information that indicates the legitimacy of an antique.

After your photos have been reviewed or your antiques have been inspected in person, you should receive an auction estimate. If you are happy with the estimate, you will sign a formal agreement and the consignee will take possession of your antiques.

How Much Are Antiques Worth?


Different criteria are used to determine several values for antiques. The criteria include:

  • Rarity: How easy is it to find the same antique elsewhere? If an antique is rare, it is more valuable.
  • Condition: If an antique is in excellent condition, it will be worth more.
  • Supply and demand: Trends are always changing, so when a certain antique item is more in demand, it will have a greater value.
  • Provenance: The origin of the antique is important to its value. Documentation of an antique’s history is helpful in establishing its worth.

Consign With Fontaine’s Auction Gallery


Fontaine’s has been a highly trusted auction gallery for over five decades. Our strong reputation makes buyers from across the country and all around the world bid with confidence. Every consignment is unique, and we establish a personal relationship with each of our consignors. You can obtain a free evaluation of any item you wish to consign. Our prices are competitive globally; therefore, your items can realize maximum value. The specialists at Fontaine’s provide their expertise to help ensure your items achieve their sales potential. Our rates are the best in the auction industry, and all consignments are fully insured.

You can contact us for a free auction estimate online or by emailing your photos and any information you have to For further information, call us at (413) 448-8922.

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