At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, we buy and sell all types of antique decorative arts. Whether you want to consign your cameo glass vase or French tapestry, we can help you realize your item's full sales potential. When you sell your decorative art pieces to us on consignment, we make the process as easy as possible. Plus, you will benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and international experience.

What Are Decorative Arts?

Decorative arts is an umbrella term for a range of artistic disciplines that have to do with the ornamentation and design of functional items. Many decorative arts, such as ceramics, basket weaving and tapestry are also considered crafts.

Decorative arts are distinguished from other art types because these pieces have practical uses and aesthetic appeal. The types of items that fall under the decorative arts category include:

  • Furniture.
  • Rugs and carpets.
  • Tapestries.
  • Embroidery.
  • Ceramic pottery.
  • Basketry.
  • Enamelwork.
  • Silverware.
  • Mosaic art.
  • Stained glass.
  • Weaponry.
  • Mantlepieces.
  • Theatrical sets.
  • Costumes.
  • Vases.
  • Glassware.
  • Lamps.
  • Clocks.
Antique pottery piece

What Are Antique Decorative Arts Worth?

There are many details about an antique that you must know to accurately determine its value, such as the type of item, its age, historical significance and producer. Antiques are typically evaluated based on the following characteristics:

  • Rarity: Factors such as availability, features and reproducibility contribute to how rare an item may be.
  • Aesthetics: Aesthetics include how well the elements of the item blend together.
  • Desirability: Is the item trending in the market, or are people searching for it?
  • Authenticity: Does the item have provenance, or documented proof, that it’s an original and authentic?
  • Condition: The less that was done to alter the original item, the more it is worth.

With so many factors to consider, it is essential to have your decorative art professionally appraised to determine its precise value. At Fontaine’s Auction Gallery, we provide free auction estimates for decorative arts consignment items. Our specialists have the expertise to thoroughly assess and fairly evaluate your antiques, and we offer globally competitive prices so items can be secured for their maximum value.

Set of chinese plates

Prominent Decorative Art Producers

There have been several prominent decorative art producers over the centuries. Decorative art dates back to ancient Japanese pottery and earthenware from 14,500 B.C., which are believed to be some of the oldest examples of pottery in the world.

Later, between 400 B.C. and 100 A.D., Celtic culture widely produced weapons and jewelry made from bronze and gold. Meanwhile, textile art rose to prominence in Medieval Europe. Tapestries such as “Lady and the Unicorn,” as well as stained glass, mosaics and illuminated manuscripts typified decorative art in the Middle Ages.

Chinese artisans during the Ming Dynasty of 1368-1644 redefined ceramics and created techniques that allowed for brighter colors and more intricate designs. Their works are known for the signature cobalt blue underglazing of their blue-and-white-patterned porcelain. In Europe, France popularized the Rococo style of decorative art with lavish furniture in the 18th century, while opulent Fabergé eggs emerged in turn-of-the-century Russia.

In reaction to this opulence, artisans in the U.S. and Europe returned to the basics and focused on the importance of craftsmanship in decorative arts. Today, many decorative art items are mass-produced, but textile and fabric artisans continue to take a handcrafted approach to decorative arts.

Our past auctions have included everything from Rococo-style candelabras to Chinese blue-and-white vases. BROWSE SOME OF OUR PAST AUCTIONS to get a sense of the types of decorative art we have sold.

How to Sell Decorative Arts at Auction

At Fontaine’s Auction Gallery, we make selling antique decorative arts at auction as easy and straightforward as possible. First, contact us for a free evaluation of your item. You can complete our auction estimate form or email photos and information to [email protected], and one of our specialists will get in touch. You can also bring your items to the galley for an in-person valuation.

If you decide to consign with us, we will lend our expertise to ensure your item sells for a good price. We will also guide you through each step of the process, so you understand what’s happening and know what to expect when your item goes to auction.

Once we create a formal consignment agreement, we will take possession of the item and it will go to auction. Our auctions are live and global, so anyone in the world can bid on your item. With the ability to bid in person, by phone, absentee or online, we can drive the maximum amount of traffic to our decorative art auctions. You can also rest assured that your item is safe with us, as our consignments are fully insured.

When your item sells, you can expect to receive payment promptly.

Antique silk embroidery

Consign Antique Decorative Art at Fontaine's Auction Gallery

Fontaine’s Auction Gallery buys and sells decorative arts of all types. Whether you’re interested in consignment for an art glass, antique vase or 20th-century decorative art piece, we can help.

When you work with us, you can expect exceptional consignment service. Unlike many other auction houses, we only charge you one low, flat fee with no hidden costs. We also work hard to promote our auctions, posting them weeks before other major auction houses.

With some of the best rates in the industry and more than 50 years of experience working with customers around the world to buy and sell antique decorative arts, you can count on Fontaine’s Auction Gallery to sell your item for its maximum value.

CONTACT US TODAY to find out more about consigning your decorative arts with us or COMPLETE OUR AUCTION ESTIMATE FORM for your free valuation.

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