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For over five decades, Fontaine’s has presented collections and rare examples of Tiffany Studios lamps, including important examples of the Oriental Poppy, Dragonfly, Aquatic Fish, Rambling Rose and Peony, as well as Favrile glass vases, desk sets, candlesticks, bronzes and frames.

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Tiffany Studios Oriental Poppy Chandelier

Tiffany Studios "Oriental Poppy" Chandelier

Sold: $665,500

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Tiffany Studios Dragonfly Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios "Dragonfly" Table Lamp

Sold: $87,750

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Tiffany Studios 18 Light Lily Lamp

Tiffany Studios 18-Light Lily Table Lamp

Sold: $72,500

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Tiffany Studios Aquatic Fish Lamp

Tiffany Studios "Aquatic Fish" Table Lamp

Sold: $193,500

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As a dependable resource for all levels of the Tiffany Studios market, Fontaine’s has been featured in an article by CNBC and important publications. We consistently outpace market competitors and often command sales results close to or above our high estimates. Tiffany’s iconic lamp designs are continually in demand worldwide, and our ability to reach customers all over the world ensures that you realize the highest price for your item(s).


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Fontaine’s is a reputable source to buy and sell a Tiffany Studios table lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp, chandelier or other Tiffany light or Tiffany light fixture. Below are many of the patterns used by Tiffany, such as an oriental poppy chandelier, peony table lamp, dragonfly lamp, aquatic fish lamp, elaborate peony lamp, curtain border lamp, pony wisteria table lamp, daffodil lamp, peony border lamp, byzantine floor lamp, dogwood lamp, poppy table lamp, geranium table lamp, peacock lamp, nasturtium lamp, spider lamp, Greek key lamp, nautilus lamp, magnolia table lamp, magnolia floor lamp, butterfly lamp, tulip lamp, arrowroot lamp, snowball table lamp, turtle-back lantern, clematis chandelier, Art Deco lamp, turtle-back light, bamboo table lamp, grape chandelier, tulip table lamp, oriental poppy lamp, acorn lamp, maple leaf lamp, American Indian table lamp, laburnum table lamp, apple blossom lamp, vine border lamp, favrile glass lamp, favrile glass desk lamp, kerosene lamp, lily desk lamp, blown favrile candlestick, Chippendale desk lamp, adam desk lamp, and other bronze and enamel items by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Louis C. Tiffany or Tiffany Studios.

Fontaine’s Auction Gallery was founded over five decades ago, serving thousands of buyers and sellers throughout the world with the purchase and sale of fine art, antiques, jewelry and more. With extensive knowledge of market conditions and international experience, our specialists work closely with collectors and consignors to provide the highest quality of service. We have renown trust worldwide and have done so through professionalism and a high level of integrity.

A mixture of respected specialists and a marketing team that uses skilled marketing strategies makes Fontaine’s an exceptional place to do business. A customer can bid from anywhere in the world and have the assurance of what they’re buying because we guarantee all cataloged items for condition and authenticity. The rates we offer are the best in the auction industry; perhaps we can achieve something for you.