Types of E. Howard & Co. Clocks

Types of E. Howard & Co. Clocks

Many avid antique clock enthusiasts and collectors will recognize the name E. Howard & Co. clocks. They may even have one or two of their models in their collection. E. Howard & Co. produced some of the most notable styles of antique clocks on the market, many of which are still popular among collectors today.

Learn more about the E. Howard & Co. brand below and find some of the most popular E. Howard & Co. clock models for collectors.


The History of E. Howard & Co. Clocks


Edward Howard began his clockmaking career as an apprentice with Aaron Willard Jr. He was one of the co-owners of Howard & Davis, and in 1857 Howard and his financial partner Charles Rice founded E. Howard & Co. They started by retooling existing timepieces, tools and machinery to fit Howard’s designs and signed each of their pieces “E. Howard & Co.” The brand became well-known for producing distinguished regulators and wall clocks in Howard’s unique style, setting themselves apart from other clockmakers at the time.

Howard began designing and producing his own watches in 1858. These watches consisted of a top plate with two sections and featured six pillars rather than the standard four. With the introduction of the company’s first stem-winding watch in 1868, E. Howard & Co. became a pioneer in the field.

While Howard retired in 1882, the company continued making watch movements until 1903, when the Keystone Watch Case Co. bought the rights. Watches produced after this period were known as Keystone-Howards, and they are not equally as collectible as the original E. Howard & Co. clocks.


Different Styles of E. Howard & Co. Clocks


E. Howard & Co. produced many types of antique clocks, each with varying degrees of collectability and accessibility today. Some of the most well-known styles of E. Howard & Co. clocks include the following:

  • Tower clocks: E. Howard & Co. tower clocks were typically mounted in a clock tower or high in the wall of a building. While it’s challenging to find these massive clocks in one piece, the parts alone are often still valuable in the eyes of a knowledgeable collector.
  • Luxury watches: The company’s luxury watches include open face or solid gold watches. Each one features Howard’s signature six-pillar design.
  • Regulators: E. Howard & Co. made regulators in standing and hanging versions with only the finest materials, such as mahogany and oak. These are often some of the most popular antique clocks.
  • Watchman clocks: Watchman clocks by E. Howard & Co. kept a record of time, date and checkpoint.
  • Electro-mechanical master clocks: These clocks are powered by a battery that triggers various mechanical movements for function.


Most Popular E. Howard & Co. Clocks


While E. Howard & Co. clocks of all types and sizes maintain a substantial value in the collecting community, some are rarer and more desirable than others. Below are some of the more notable E. Howard & Co. clock models for collectors.


E. Howard & Co. No. 57 Wall Regulator


This clock features a 14-inch silver dial, signed “E. Howard & Co., Boston, Mass” and inscribed with black Roman numerals to indicate the hours. It also includes blued pierced diamond hands and a high-quality brass counterweight with a solid brass pulley and cut glass pendulum bob. The entire clock is encased in a gorgeous walnut wall hanging case for a classic wall display.

The regulator’s unique arched crest with quarter fan carving, delicately scalloped shoulder and seashell sculpted details make it stand out to collectors.


E. Howard & Co. No. 70-24 Wall Regulator


Like the No. 57, this antique wall regulator bears an “E. Howard & Co., Boston” signature and black Roman hour numerals. The solid brass weight-driven time-only movement is also signed in the same manner. The hands are pierced trefoil, and the face is encased in a large oak wall hanging case featuring a black, red and gold leaf reverse painted tablet. The case displays an excellent light oak finish.

This piece’s simplistic design and high-quality features and materials display all the character of the period, making it an excellent addition to a collector’s wall.


E. Howard & Co. No. 68 Astronomical Regulator

E. Howard & Co. No. 68 Astronomical Regulator

This beautiful floor standing clock has a silvered 14-inch bronze astronomical dial, bearing black incised numbers in five-minute increments on the chapter ring and set with a walnut bezel. The dial is signed “E. Howard & Co. Boston Mass.” The brass movement has four-legged slivered gravity escapements with jeweled pallets on the gravity arms to maintain power.

This standing astronomical regulator clock sits in a large walnut case with an arched crest and scrolled seashell details over a carved maiden’s head. The door features carved corbels with raised panels and rosettes.

The intricate carved detailing gives this piece an eye-catching and enchanting appearance. Its unique and perfectly executed design sets this piece apart from many other collectible antique clocks and puts it in a class of its own.


E. Howard & Co. No. 57 The Waterman Clock


This piece features the maker’s name and classic blued pierced diamond hands. The top of this clock’s case displays a carved crest with detailing in the shape of a fan. The clock’s hood features glass on three sides, and the hinged front opens for easy access to the dial. The sides of the clock’s case also include glass panels, allowing light to illuminate the inner workings.

Very few large E. Howard & Co. clocks are available today, so many serious collectors consider this impressively large wall clock highly sought-after.


E. Howard & Co. Model No. 59 A. Howard “Special Order Vienna”


This clock model was crafted in four different models in either ash, cherry, walnut or oak. Since the original production numbers were fairly low, few of these models are available on the market today. The unique form suggests it may have been a special order clock.


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