Styles of R.J. Horner Furniture


Since establishing his retail company in Manhattan back in 1886, R.J. Horner came a long way in the world of furniture making. Horner knew many people desired quality furniture, regardless of their location or financial means. This inspired him to target a broad audience, marketing his pieces to wealthy individuals and the working class alike.

Today, antique collectors everywhere continue to seek out R.J. Horner's beautifully and precisely carved pieces. Discover various styles of R.J. Horner furniture in this article to get a feel for his unique aesthetic and craftsmanship.

Types of R.J. Horner Furniture

R.J. Horner furniture is highly sought after for its expert construction, elegant style and timeless appeal. Crafted exclusively from the finest materials like mahogany and oak, these pieces are incredibly valuable in the antique furniture market. One of Horner furniture's most distinguishable characteristics is its intricately carved details — maidens, winged griffins and other elaborate imagery.

R.J. Horner produced a wide variety of items — bookcases, china cabinets, mirrors, clocks and almost any other type of furniture you could think of. Let's explore some R.J. Horner furniture styles below.

1. Tables

Whatever style of antique table you're looking for to enrich your space, R.J. Horner has a stunning selection to choose from. Below are just a few of the many tables you can find on the market:

Oak conference table: Featuring smooth, dark wood and winged griffin supports for a strong and stately appearance, R.J. Horner's oak conference table from the late 19th century makes a beautiful addition to any office.
Mahogany library table: R.J. Horner's mahogany library table features a wide, round tabletop and a single drawer in the front for ample space to work and store items. This piece also sports Horner's signature winged griffin design.
Onyx top lamp table: Boasting an elegant gold hue that makes a luxurious accent for any room, R.J. Horner's onyx top lamp table is another piece that makes a gorgeous statement in your home.

2. Clocks

Antique clocks add a classical, elegant touch to any room or hall, and R.J. Horner's delicately crafted clocks are like no other. His mahogany grandfather clock from circa 1890, for instance, features a dark and sophisticated design with golden detailing on the clock's face.

While the oak grandfather clock resembles the mahogany clock design, it's a better choice for those who prefer wood with more vibrant, reddish undertones. Keep your eye out for a signature R.J. Horner grandfather clock when you browse the antique market.

3. China Cabinets

If you need a lovely piece to spruce up your dining space, kitchen or living room, a signature R.J. Horner china cabinet may be just what you're looking for. Crafted in the late 19th century, R.J. Horner's oak china cabinet features winged griffins, maidens and other intricate detailing for a whimsical and baroque feel.

Alternatively, the oak china cabinet with dolphins from the early 20th century is ideal for a more coastal or nautical theme. No matter the desired style or aesthetic for your home, there's an R.J. Horner china cabinet calling your name.

4. Seating

R.J. Horner's beautifully carved seating is a must if you're looking to sit comfortably, elegantly and in style all at once. With various types and styles roaming the market, you're sure to find stunning seating for your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom or any other space in your home. Here are some styles to keep an eye out for:

  • Dining chairs: This dignified set of R.J. dining chairs boasts cabriole legs with claw feet, serpentine arms and beautiful scroll-carved crests. These chairs are a timeless choice for any dining room.
  • Sofas: Featuring warm colors, intricate patterning and standing winged griffins on each side, R.J. Horner's figural carved sofa is an eye-catching piece for your living room.
  • Armchairs: Built circa 1890, R.J. Horner's signature Atlas armchair showcases carved Atlas figures, a pierced top crest and other ornate oak detailing. The mahogany armchair with carved lions is another bold statement.
  • Benches: For a foyer or entryway that gives guests a warm welcome, R.J. Horner's dolphin hall bench radiates a homey feel. Meanwhile, the carved oak hall bench is a great choice if you want something slightly more compact.

5. Bookcases

Both functional and tasteful, R.J. Horner bookcases provide the perfect place to store your books while adding a charming vintage appeal to your space. The mahogany Atlas bookcase features beautiful floral detailing, a deep red-brown finish, glass panels and scroll-carved front feet.

The three-door rattail maiden bookcase boasts figural carved maidens, serpent-like rattails on the sides and other eccentric details. When you find an antique R.J. Horner bookcase on the market, there's no doubt it will make a grand addition to any study, library, bedroom or living room.

6. Desks

An R.J. Horner desk makes an elegant, one-of-a-kind statement for any home office. Keep your eye out for pieces such as:

  • Winged griffin oak partners desk: R.J. Horner's winged griffin oak partners desk features vibrant orangey brown tones, claw feet, multiple drawers for ample storage space — and of course, his signature carved wing griffin design.
  • Winged griffin mahogany partners desk: If dark mahogany wood is more your cup of tea, the winged griffin mahogany partners desk is for you. This desk includes a carved border with rounded corners, swirling leaf designs and side and center drawers.
  • Figural mahogany partners desk: R.J. Horner's figural mahogany partners desk boasts detailing like no other. Showcasing winged eagles, floral patterns, swirling leaves and other complex details, this desk is an antique collector's dream.

7. Mirrors

Last but not least, an R.J. Horner antique mirror is the ideal finishing touch to a bedroom, living room, foyer or any other area. The two-part hall bench and mirror embodies a unique design that's difficult to find elsewhere. Picturesque details like a carved cherub crest, swirling filigree, maidens, winged griffin arm supports and a beautiful beveled mirror make this piece's style one of a kind.

Keep an Eye Out for R.J. Horner Antique Furniture

With their exceptional wood construction, quality and impeccable attention to detail, it's no wonder R.J. Horner furniture is so desirable to antique decorators and buyers around the globe.

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