Are you asking yourself: How much is my antique furniture worth or where can I get an antique furniture estimate? Whether you're looking to sell your antique china cabinet or consign your marble-top furniture, you need an expert antique furniture appraisal to accurately evaluate your items' worth.

At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, you can consign your antique furniture to us to be sold at auction. We offer some of the best rates in the industry, and our specialists have the expertise to help you get the maximum value for antique furniture.

Value of Antique Furniture

The worth of a piece of antique furniture depends on characteristics such as age, origin, style and condition. Appraisers typically consider the following aspects in their antique furniture estimates:

  • Rarity. The rarer a piece is, the more value it has. Some factors that contribute to rarity include how many were made and the number of originals left, as well as shape, color, size or design, and ability to be reproduced.
  • Aesthetics. Do the design and craftsmanship create an overall cohesive and stunning appearance?
  • Desirability. Is it a particular piece that antique buyers are looking for?
  • Authenticity. Is your piece a true original? If you know the item's provenance or documented history of ownership, you can more easily determine if the piece is authentic.
  • Condition. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to antique furniture. The more like new it is, the more it will be worth. If the original materials have been preserved and no one reupholstered it, the piece will have a higher value.

Our specialists at Fontaine's Auction Gallery provide free auction estimates on antique furniture you want to consign. When we perform an antique furniture appraisal, we evaluate the style and material of the furniture and assign a date to it. We also look for defects and anomalies such as scratches and period-appropriate hardware to determine the furniture's condition and authenticity. Based on our thorough inspection of the piece, we will provide a precise and fair valuation.

Antique bedroom set

How Much Is My Antique Dining Set Worth?

Antique dining sets can have significant worth. If you consign carved antique furniture, you could receive a high price if it meets all the above criteria. We've had an R.J. Horner 13-piece carved oak dining set with matching china cabinets that sold for more than $40,000. We continue to have great success with Horner carved sets and other heavily carved sets at our recent antiques, clocks and estate auctions.

If you're thinking about consignment for your antique dining set or other piece, Fontaine's Auction Gallery is an exceptional choice. Our evaluations are free, and we offer expert consignment and auction services so you can determine the sales potential of your antique dining set.

How Much Are Antique Bedroom Sets Worth?

Consignment for antique bedroom sets can be very successful, as sets in good condition often command a high value at auction. During one of our exceptional antique auctions, a three-piece Renaissance revival marble-top, queen-sized bedroom set sold for more than $80,000. Many high-quality sets will sell for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Marble-topped and carved bedroom furniture pieces, in particular, are very popular at our auctions.

There is no formula that will give you an accurate evaluation of your antique bedroom set's value. The best way to determine its worth is to bring it to a professional antique furniture appraiser who has specific knowledge of antique furniture pieces and knows all the period, material and style details that impact its value.

Are you interested in selling your antique bedroom set at auction? Consign your marble-top furniture, carved pieces and other antique items to us to get the most value for your items.

Antique desk

What's the Value of My Antique Cabinet?

The value of antique cabinets varies greatly with factors such as size and style. At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, antique cabinets have sold for more than $30,000 during some of our past antique auctions. While this is at the high end of the range we typically see for antique cabinets, buyers will invest in exceptional pieces.

Factors such as condition, authenticity and rarity are some of the main criteria for determining the value of your antique cabinet. If you're looking to consign a curio cabinet or other antique furniture, the specialists at Fontaine's Auction Gallery have the in-depth knowledge to provide precise appraisals and successfully sell your pieces at auction.

How Do I Consign Antique Furniture?

When you work with an auction house such as Fontaine's Auction Gallery, the process begins with a free appraisal of your antique furniture. To get a free evaluation, you can email us information and photos, complete our auction estimate form or schedule an in-person appraisal with a specialist at the gallery.

Once you've chosen an auction house and enter into a formal consignment agreement, you can expect the house to start preparing your item to go to auction. At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, we begin advertising for our auctions weeks in advance of other major houses to generate the maximum amount of interest possible.

When your item sells at auction, we will disburse funds to you and handle the logistics of getting your item to the buyer. Fontaine's Auction Gallery will send you your payment promptly.

Table and chair set

Receive A Furniture Appraisal and Consign With Fontaine's Auction Gallery

From consigning dining sets to antique bookcases and chests, Fontaine's Auction Gallery can help you sell all types of antique furniture. We charge one flat service fee with no hidden expenses. You will also benefit from our global reach and large auction audience, which gives your items the best chance of selling for their full value.

At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, we make the consignment process as easy as possible. If you have antique furniture that is difficult to transport due to its weight and size, we can pick up your items and bring them safely to our gallery, where we will securely store them and ensure they are fully insured while we have them on consignment.

Contact us today to find out more about consigning with us.

RJ Horner antique wooden bench

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