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Auction Estimate


Do you have an old clock, lamp or piece of jewelry that you think could be worth something? Do you collect fine art and want to sell some of your pieces for their maximum value? Whatever your circumstances, Fontaine's Auction Gallery provides professional complimentary auction estimates. Our specialists have the expertise to accurately assess your pieces and help you get the best value.

With a straightforward valuation process and exceptional consignment services, Fontaine's Auction Gallery is a top choice for collectors, decorators and sophisticated buyers.


How Do You Value My Antique Items?


If you want to find out the value of your antiques and how to sell them, request a complimentary auction estimate from one of our specialists. You can:

  • Submit information and photos to [email protected]: Take high-quality photos of your items from different angles and provide information such as the item's history, condition, dimensions and any documentation.
  • Complete our auction estimate form: Fill out the information fields and upload your photos.
  • Schedule an in-person evaluation: Bring your item to the gallery and meet with one of our specialists in person.

The value of antiques, jewelry, fine and decorative arts can vary greatly. When we evaluate your item (s), our specialists consider specific factors, including the artist or maker, time period, country of origin, subject matter, materials, rarity, aesthetics, desirability and condition. We look for a maker's mark to help determine authenticity, as well as provenance or documented ownership history.

We'll also compare your antiques to similar items recently sold at auction to help determine market value. You can search our past auctions to get a sense of what you can expect to receive for your pieces.

What Makes an Expert?


At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, we have the expert knowledge to provide precise evaluations and auction estimates. For more than five decades, we have been working with people around the world to buy and sell antique furniture, jewelry, fine art, decorative art and other valuables. With our considerable market knowledge and international experience, we can help you achieve your purchase and sales goals.

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of antiques, from Tiffany Studios lamps and R.J. Horner furniture, to E. Howard & Co. and Seth Thomas clocks. We also know the current market and what antique buyers are looking for.

With our complete knowledge of the antique world, you can count on our specialists for accurate estimates for auction items that will give you an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

What Types of Items Do You Have?


At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, we auction many different kinds of antiques, fine art and decorative arts, including:

  • Lamps: Top makers include Tiffany Studios, The Handel Company, Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company, Pairpoint Glass Company and J.A. Whaley & Co.
  • Furniture: Sets and individual pieces from makers such as R.J. Horner & Co., J.H. Belter and Co., Herter Brothers and Pottier & Stymus.
  • Fine art: Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings and Architecture
  • Decorative arts: Glassware, silverware, clocks, porcelain, art glass, etc.
  • Jewelry: Art Deco, Contemporary, Victorian, and Art Nouveau

Consign Your Antiques With Fontaine's Auction Gallery


When you get an auction estimate from Fontaine's Auction Gallery, you can trust that you're receiving a highly accurate valuation. You can also rest assured that if you choose to consign with us, we will get you the maximum value for your items. Some of the top reasons consignors choose Fontaine's include our:

  • Global audience: People from all over the world can participate in our live auctions, which bring in large numbers of buyers. Participants also have the choice of bidding in person, over the phone, online, or by absentee, so there is an option for everyone.
  • One flat rate: Many auction houses charge multiple fees for photography, insurance and transportation, which can be a hassle. At Fontaine's Auction Gallery, we charge one low, flat fee — there are no hidden charges, and we offer the best rates in the industry.
  • Marketing: Our team includes skilled marketing strategists who know how to generate buyer interest. These efforts include advertisement campaigns that begin weeks ahead of other major auction houses.
  • Customer service: We treat each consignment differently and give it the individual attention it deserves. We also work directly with every consignor to build a personal relationship. You can count on us for expert assistance, whether we're discussing auction strategy or arranging transportation for your antiques.

Contact us today for consignment item values and exceptional services.