Price Guide for Tiffany Studios Lamps

price guide for Tiffany Studios Lamps

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You may be surprised to learn about the enormous value of antique lamps. Some of the rarest, most sought-after examples of these antique lamps are those made by Tiffany Studios, related to the fine jeweler Tiffany and Co. Tiffany Studios' lamps were produced in the early 20th century using brand new glass-making techniques. The production period of these lamps spanned a very short time — Tiffany Lamps often sell upwards of thousands of dollars thanks to their rarity.

Tiffany Lamps are so sought after that countless replicas are on the market today. Therefore, it's essential to determine the authenticity of a Tiffany Studios lamp to price it correctly. In this Tiffany Studios lamp guide, learn about what makes these antiques so valuable and discover examples of some of the finest Tiffany Studios lamps sold at auction.

1. Why Are Tiffany Lamps So
Expensive & Valuable?

Authentic Tiffany lamps cost thousands of dollars because of their superior craftsmanship and rarity. Master artisans handcrafted each lamp, and many are examples of custom work, meaning no other lamp with the same design exists in the world. Most Tiffany lamps also have a pure bronze base with intricate design features. Over time, the bronze develops a beautiful patina, appearing dark and shiny in some lamps and matte brown-green in others.

The Favrile glass used in many Tiffany lamps is a unique blend of colored glass, producing an iridescent tone that has become the signature for many Tiffany lamps. The original artists also utilized another unique technique that characterizes Tiffany Studios lamps — confetti glass. This type of glass is made by inserting small specks of colored glass into molten glass to create a confetti-type look inside the glass itself.

2. How to Research the Value of Your

If you're wondering how to price an antique lamp like one from Tiffany Studios, there are a few essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Authenticity: The first step in pricing a Tiffany lamp is to verify its authenticity. Many reproductions exist in the world today, but there are a few tell-tale signs that your lamp is an original Tiffany Studios production. These signs include a hollow, pure bronze base, a lead ring in the base, gold glass with an amber sheen, confetti glass or Favrile glass.
  • Rarity: While all Tiffany lamps are rare, certain styles and motifs are rarer than others, which will factor into your lamp's pricing. As an example, one of the rarest Tiffany lamp styles is the Pink Lotus.
  • Signature: Most Tiffany lamps have a signature of authenticity, differing between each product. While the signature can be a good indicator of a lamp's authenticity, signatures can be reproduced, so they shouldn't be the sole factor in determining the authenticity.
  • Condition: All Tiffany lamps were made and produced in the late 1800s and early 1900s, so they come in varying conditions. It's common for the glass to be loose on older lamps like Tiffany Studios lamps, but some may have cracks or replacement pieces from damage over time.

It's always best to rely on the opinion of a professional appraiser to determine the value of a Tiffany Studios lamp. An expert will be able to perform various tests to determine the authenticity of a lamp and an appropriate price estimate. If you plan on consigning an authentic Tiffany Studios lamp, an appraiser can calculate the best price by considering the rarity, condition and comparable value of similar lamps.



3. What Are Tiffany Studios Lamps

One example of a Tiffany Studios lamp sold at auction is the Daffodil Table Lamp. Fetching $30,000, this lamp sold for $5,000 over the estimate, typical for lamps of this quality and value. Another lamp sold for $80,000 over the highest estimate at $110,000. This Moorish Style Hall Lantern from Tiffany Studios has beautiful Favrile glass and gilt bronze features and was in excellent condition at the time of sale.

In 1998, one of the most expensive Tiffany lamps was sold at auction. The Tiffany Studios Pink Lotus Lamp sold for $2.8 million, the highest price paid for a Tiffany lamp at that time. The gorgeous coloring, rare design features and excellent condition of this piece combined to make it the most valuable Tiffany Studios lamp on the market.

4. Examples of
Tiffany Studios Lamps That Sold for Less than $10,000

Tiffany Studios Boudoir Lamp — $1,380

Boudoir lamps, as their name suggests, are made to sit on a boudoir or dressing table. Unlike traditional bedroom lamps, these tend to have a more dramatic or stylized look. This Tiffany Studios Boudoir Lamp that sold for $1,380 is no different.

The base showcases the "Tiffany Studios New York" signature. It also has a beautiful patina from age and features a leaf design at the base. The shade is a perfect example of the iridescent Favrile glass technique made famous by Tiffany Studios, with a wavy pattern over the entire top portion. The lamp received repairs at one point but was still in good condition at the time of sale.

Tiffany Studios Favrile glass table lamp

Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass Table Lamp — $2,500

This early 20th century Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass Table Lamp was undoubtedly a unique find.

Classic Favrile glass makes up the base and shade, while the other features are gilt bronze. With its classic pearlescent finish, the Favrile glass in this lamp also contains an interesting wave-like pattern. Additionally, the lamp features "L.C.T Favrile" and "L.C. Tiffany" signatures on the shade and base, respectively. The base of the lamp had undergone repairs, but as a whole, it was still in good condition at the time of auction.

Tiffany Studios Student Lamp With Blue Damascene Shade — $4,025

This Student Lamp With Blue Damascene Shade from Tiffany Studios sold for $4,025. While kerosene lamps are rather uncommon, and most Tiffany Studios lamps are electric, they did make some gas lamps like this one. This particular lamp style features a reservoir for kerosene, leading to a wick covered by a shade.

This lamp has a gorgeous design that closely resembles tall cathedral windows and a great patina over the entire base. The shade is a beautiful pearlescent Damascene blue, with gray, white and brown elements showing through. This lamp was in good condition at the time of sale with slight damage to the glass shade.

Tiffany Studios Dore Bronze Counterbalance Desk Lamp — $5,175

Because this Dore Bronze Counterbalance Desk Lamp was in excellent condition, it sold for $5,175 at auction. Another term for gilded bronze, dore bronze is a technique in which artisans overlay a thin layer of gold on the bronze base.

This lamp has a gorgeous gold color with a slight sheen and intricate designs along the rim of the shade. The lamp's design resembles an antique scale with a knob on one side and a lampshade on the other, which is why it's called a counterbalance lamp. Standing at 16 inches tall, it's the perfect height for a desk lamp.

Tiffany Studios Dore Bronze Counterbalance Desk Lamp

Tiffany Studios 7 Light Lily Table Lamp — $7,475

This exceptional 7 Light Lily Tiffany Studios lamp sold for $7,475 and features seven lights extending out from a single base.

The base has a beautiful patina and an intricate leaf design on the bottom. The "stems" of the lilies extend up from the base to branch out into seven delicate shades. The entire lamp sold for what it did due to the rarity of the seven shades and its great condition at the time of sale.

5. Examples of
Tiffany Studios Lamps Between $10,000 and $50,000

Tiffany Studios 16-Inch Pomegranate Table Lamp — $13,800

This 16-inch Pomegranate Table Lamp sold for more than $10,000 over the estimate due to its great condition and beautiful style.

The dore bronze base has a characteristically tree-like shape, with intricate designs along the bottom of the base. The glass shade has the signature Tiffany Studios stained glass appearance, with a pale yellow coloring. The design along the edge of the shade resembles pomegranates, hence the lamp's name. Additionally, both the shade and base are signed.

Tiffany Studios Dichroic Acorn Border — $21,275

This Dichroic Acorn Border Lamp is a perfect example of Tiffany Studio's craftsmanship because of the stark color difference when it's lit.

While appearing slightly beige with the light off, the glass shade transforms into a vibrant amber when the light is on. Furthermore, the acorn design on the border features dichroic glass, which means the artisans added gold or silver to the melted glass to create unique light reflections. Like many Tiffany Studios lamps, the bronze base resembles a tree trunk and has a deep patina, demonstrating its great condition.

Tiffany Studios Dichroic Greek Key Border

Tiffany Studios Dichroic Greek Key Border — $25,300

This lamp also features dichroic glass, meaning it reflects light differently depending on the direction and the source. Even though the base of this lamp is relatively simple according to Tiffany Studios standards, it still sold for almost $4,000 over the estimated price.

The glass in this Dichroic Greek Key Border lamp is "mottled," meaning it appears uneven. The greek key border, also known as meander, is a unique feature. The pattern features a continuous linear line that shapes into geometric patterns.

Tiffany Studios Double Student Lamp — $26,450

An incredibly rare find, this Double Student Lamp features a kerosene reservoir in between two glass shades.

It has a gorgeous dark patina that reveals its great condition, which is why it sold for $26,450. There are intricate designs in the bronze on the base, reservoir and stems, and the two glass shades are a beautiful pale green color. The monochromatic Favrile glass is inlaid with metal to form a geometric pattern, which contrasts nicely with the more natural design of the base.

Tiffany Studios Tulip Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios "Tulip" Table Lamp — $40,000

Tiffany Studios became known for its beautiful floral motif lamps, of which this Tulip Table Lamp is a fantastic example.

From the early 20th century, this lamp features leaded glass and patinated bronze. The base contains a Tiffany Studios signature and has a beautiful brown-green patina. The shade is made up of vibrantly colored glass that changes tone according to the lighting conditions. Like many Tiffany lamps, this tulip lamp also features a scalloped edge to the shade to enhance the floral motif.

6. Examples of
Tiffany Studios Lamps Between $50,000 and $100,000

Tiffany Studios Curtain Border Floor Lamp — $52,500

This Tiffany Studios Curtain Border Floor Lamp measures 78 inches high and sold for $52,500, which was over the initial estimate price. The long vertical glass pieces border the shade give the lamp its name.

The shade features a classic geometric style with a tapering brick pattern in a beautiful amber-yellow color. The bronze base has a rounded bottom that extends up toward the shade and separates into three arms at the light bulb socket. The shade and the base are both signed, and the bronze has a gorgeous brown-green patina.

Tiffany Studios Red Tulip Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios Red Tulip Table Lamp — $53,100

This Red Tulip Table Lamp sold for $53,100, featuring a classic Tiffany Studios floral motif.

The tulips take center stage, with vibrant red and pink glass tones that subtly change shade with the lighting. The domical shade also features mottled green stems and leaves, and blue and pearl background glass. Like most Tiffany Studios lamps, the base has a beautiful dark bronze patina and resembles a tree trunk to match the floral motif. Both the shade and the base are signed "Tiffany Studios New York."

Tiffany Drop Head Dragonfly Floor Lamp — $55,000

An incredibly unique piece, this Drop Head Dragonfly Floor Lamp features a popular motif of Tiffany Studios — dragonflies.

There are nine of these creatures around the lower border of this lamp — their bodies are pale blue glass, and their wings form an incredibly intricate pattern. The rest of the shade is an opaque pale yellow color with shiny amber jewels as a highlight feature. The lamp measures 64 inches tall with a bronze base that has a pronounced patina.

There are minor cracks to the wings and background panels, along with some other minor damage. It sold for $55,000, which was $5,000 over the estimate.

Tiffany Studios 18 Light Lily Lamp

Tiffany Studios 18 Light Lily Lamp — $60,000

This extremely rare 18 Light Lily Lamp from Tiffany Studios has 18 separate lights and sold for $60,000. Standing 18 inches high and weighing about 20 pounds, this lamp has many components.

First, the bronze base has a gorgeous, shiny patina and intricate design details. On the lamp base are lily pads and bulbs, the stems extending upwards to end in a leaf design at the fitters. The shades are beautiful Favrile glass with tones of gold, green and pink. They have a ribbed trumpet shape with delicate wavy edges.

Amazingly, all the shades are original and intact with no chips or cracks, and are signed "L.T.C." or "L.C.T. Favrile." The base also has a signature.

Tiffany Studios Peony Table Lamp — $65,000

This rare Peony Table Lamp features vibrant color glass and an intricate base design.

The peony flowers on the shade are made from pink and white striated glass petals with yellow glass centers. A blend of green foliage, blue confetti glass and green glass borders make up the rest of the lampshade. The base is a gilded bronze with a turtleback style, and the lamp sits 23 inches high. The shade and base are both signed "Tiffany Studios New York."



7. Examples of
Tiffany Studios Lamps Between $100,000 and $500,000

Tiffany Studios "Peony Border" Floor Lamp — $125,000

One Tiffany Studios lamp that sold for over $100,000 is the Peony Border Floor Lamp. This lamp has geometric and floral features. There are a few areas with heat cracks and damaged glass on the shade, but otherwise, the lampshade and base are in good condition.

Along the top of the shade is a repeating geometric pattern with green and pink striated glass. The border consists of beautiful pink and red peonies with mottled green and amber leaves.

The bronze base is decorated with bands that curl at the end and a ribbed, round platform bottom. The lighting feature was updated from a 6-socket cluster to a 3-socket cluster. Both the shade and the base contain the "Tiffany Studios New York" notation.

Tiffany Studios leaded glass aquatic fish lamp

Tiffany Studios Leaded Glass Aquatic Fish Lamp — $160,000

Selling for a whopping $160,000 was this rare Leaded Glass Aquatic Fish Lamp. The bronze pumpkin base has a beautiful dark brown-green patina that shines and features simple decorative elements up the sides of the base. The shade has an aquatic motif, as the name suggests. Only a few minor heat cracks appear on the glass, so the lamp was in great condition at the time of auction.

The glass in the shade features tones like rich greens, blues, gold and red. The main figures in the glass are five fish made with mottled gold glass that appear to be among lime green seaweed. The look of water is created with opalescent blue-green glass.

8. Examples of Tiffany
Studios Lamps That Sold for Over $500,000

Tiffany Studios Oriental Poppy Chandelier

Tiffany Studios "Oriental Poppy" Chandelier — $665,500

Coming from a seller who had inherited this lamp, the Oriental Poppy Chandelier sold for $665,500. Its high price was due to the multiple features of this lamp.

The bronze fixtures have a desirable patina and are in good condition. Along the very top are six gold Favrile glass lilies with wavy edges, and the chain extends down to the dome decorated with poppies, leaves and background glass. The poppies on the shade are beautiful shades of red and orange.

Surrounding the poppies are stems and leaves in varying colors of mottled green glass. Pale opalescent blue glass forms the background around the flowers and leaves. Under the shade is a spherical 6-socket light cluster and a signature reading "Tiffany Studios New York 1902." The Favrile glass shades are all original and in excellent condition, and the shade is also in good condition.

Favrile Tiffany Studios Lamp

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  • They can adequately evaluate the condition of an item.
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